Its not a hardcore run, its a fun core run!

Are you ready for some real fun?  How about a day filled with fun, easy obstacles and a crazy DJ Party? Yes! I am talking about a self-paced run/walk 5k that includes almost everything to make your time memorable.

The "Race Roll Dye" is a fun inflatable 5k obstacle course; its an exciting and energizing race for beginner and experienced runners.  Its not a hardcore run, it a fun core run so its up to you, walk it, run it, but definitely fun it! If you want to walk, skip, hop, do cart wheels, crawl through the course or do some other crazy stuff with your friends and family during the race, you can!

Race Roll Dye strives to be the best 5k obstacle course on the planet with a side of color run.  We offer activities for all ages.  We have included some traditional obstacles like vertical walls, low crawls and tire runs sprinkled with colorful, nontoxic dye station to jazz up the fun. Best of all, we will have a DJ Party at the finish line at most of our races.

Its an absolute party before, during and after your as it will be full of entertainment. So bring your friends and family along. You can come as a team or as an individual and we will ensure you an extreme fun filled time.

Get ready to have something different each time as every event we throw in a curve ball like wearing costumes or ugly sweaters.

Obviously, you can wear whatever you like, but most of our participants love to wear white or our custom designed t-shirt so that your colors and hues will truly sparkle. 

If that isn't awesome enough, you should know that all participants of Race Roll Dye 5k will also get a high quality custom designed t-shirt, a color pack, and some other goodies.  Despite the fact that the color washes off effortlessly, we recommend wearing something that you do not mind getting color on.

So what are you waiting for? Seriously guys, give it a try! Join us today!